Solid Acoustic Panel

10000 Walnut
10001 Silver Oak
10002 Nature Oak
10003 Teak
10012 Classic Oak

The Solid Acoustic Panel in the 2,400 x 600 mm format relies on the combination of wood and felt. The high-quality MDF slats are applied to the 9 mm thick sound-absorbing felt. Because of the depth, these can absorb the sound even better.

For more living quality, individuality and well­ being

Improvement of the quality of living
Rooms with bad acoustics often seem uncomfort­ able. The problem can fee counteracted with the acoustic panelerais ven era ■mmlhe materials used for the panels, as well as the lamellar structure, absorb the noise created, thus creating pleasant room acoustics and a stylish room experience at the same time.

Individual design and customization
Whether as a large-scale wall or ceiling covering or as a stviisb and decorative element – the acoustic panels m o am oe ccan be designed and installed according to your own ideas.

Increase of the sense of well-being
Noise in homes affects health and often leads to difficulty concentrating and problems with speech intelligibility. Our acoustic panels eliminate these problems and optimize the health of the home.