Melamines Finishfoils

The “LEON” melamine edgebandings guarantee quality and they perfectly match the DEKORS of the biggest Greek and European melamine production companies. Depending on the requirements of the production the flexibily of the edgebandings may vary from standart, soft to extra soft. The vast variety of LEON dekors can be produced with or without glue in all the widths from 20mm to 310mm.

Leon also provides the door industry with finish foil rolls which are used for the cover of the door surface and the frame parts. The width of these rolls is 1,26m, it can be slitted, however, in any width works for the customer. The finish foil that covers the frame can be fleece backed so that it gets flexible remaining the same material.

Our longtime experience, our collaboration with the most reliable and well known German edgebanding production companies, our value for money products and our friendly and direct service made us the first company in our field.