One of the advantages of laminate flooring is its easy maintenance. Hoovering and sweeping are enough for its everyday cleaning. In order to avoid mopping, the use of damp cloth is recommended in case of dirt which cannot be cleaned with sweeping. All the common cleansing products can be used on laminate flooring except for caustic products such as bleach.


Wooden flooring requires more care than laminate flooring, during its installation and its long term maintenance.

  • The proper insulation of the concrete flooring before the wooden flooring is installed is necessary for the absorption of humidity by the wood to be prevented.
  • Rotary machines with fitted brushes are used for buffing the floor, in order to agitate the waxing and loosen the dirt from the waxed floor. The dirt created is then vacuumed. Then wax is applied and the polishing machine is run.
  • Polishing is really important since it protects the wood from insects and it also produces the high sheen required.
  • Too high temperatures and too much sunlight should be avoided in the case of wooden floor. The room temperature should not be over 20 degrees and the humidity should not be over 50%.
  • Avoid walking on heels and settle caps on the furniture ends in order to protect your floor from scratches.
  • For cleaning wooden flooring you can just mop or sweep it with cloth or soft broom.
  • Use cleansing products specific for wooden flooring and avoid the ones with ammonia.