Wooden flooring

Apart from laminate flooring ALISSOS provides its customers with wooden flooring of European origin and of high quality. It is engineered flooring, but looks like hardwood, since its surface is ~4mm hardwood, which is covered by UV coating and backed with plywood core and a veneer bottom. Its total thickness varies 13-16mm, width 150-200mm and length 1.100mm-2.200mm. Alissos offers a big quantity of the most used kinds of wood like beech, oak, wege, and cherry, their skirtings as well as the foam which is installed underneath the engineered flooring.

Ξύλινο Δάπεδο ΔΡΥΣ


Ξύλινο Δάπεδο ΚΕΡΑΣΙΑ


Ξύλινο Δάπεδο WENGUE


Ξύλινο Δάπεδο ΟΞΥΑ


Ξύλινο Δάπεδο MERBAU