Alissos undertakes the agency of European companies in the industry of furniture material as well as laminate and wooden flooring in the Greek Market. Alissos promotes and distributes products of very high quality in the Greek and Balkan markets.

Having our customers’ needs and preferences as our priority we are constantly updating the variety of our products in terms of colors and qualities, in order to follow the European trends.

Our warehouse is located at the 16th klm. Thessaloniki’s-Lagadas Road. There you can find a wealthy amount of designs and colors, in order to satisfy your customers’ or your own aesthetics.





“LEON” was founded in 1981 by Eleftherios Leontaridis. After decades of experience it has been established as one of the main providers of furniture material in the Greek and Balkan markets. Both its manufacturing and commercial nature allow it to be flexible and easily adaptable to its customers’ needs.

The manufacturing part and the warehouse are both located in the 3000sqm facilities in Langadas, which is on the suburb of Thessaloniki.

The manufacturing part includes the sanding, joint, cutting and gluing machines for the elaboration of melamine, veneer, PVC and laminate rolls. At the same time a plenty amount of both imported and elaborated products is always stored in the warehouse ensuring the fast delivery.

Leon can provide its customers with:

  • Veneer edging
  • Thick veneer edging rolls
  • Melamine edging
  • Laminate edging
  • PVC edging
  • Hinges
  • Door sliding systems for wardrobe and cupboard
  • Thermoplastic glue
  • Kitchen and bathroom accessories