Alissos is thriving in the Greek industry of Laminate and wooden flooring since 1999. It offers a big variety of colors both for personal and commercial use in AC3, AC4 and AC5 qualities. Apart from the flooring, any equipment for the appropriate installation is offered as well as installation quidelines and tips. Our installation service is always in your disposal as well, in case you prefer it done by professionals.

Kronos floor panels are produced from high quality raw material, 90% of which is wood. They are environmentally friendly and comply with the pro-ecological FSC guidelines. To ensure high quality Kronos is certified to meet ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System requirements. Kronos Floor panels undergo rigorous checks from start to finish of the manufacturing products. They are water and scratch resistant and their color does not fade due to sunlight. Soundproofing, insulation and floor protection from humidity are all insured by the film installed under the flooring.

The water absorbing nature of wood results in size amendments of the floor panels.This should be taken into account when the floor panels are installed, by leaving a space of 8-12mm between the floor and the wall, as well as any other stable point (ex. Columns) , which is going to be surrounded by floor panels.